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Colorado ZEN

Colorado Zen For Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation

Colorado Zen, unlike much string-based New Age music, is not derived from Eastern music tradition. Rather, Victor drew inspiration from his life, his experiences, and his surroundings. Colorado Zen evokes the grandeur and beauty of the locale from which it takes its name. Inspired by the whispers of subtle streams to the cool shade and chilly peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Zen is a reflection on the nature of life, the ephemeral cycle of the seasons, and the raw, emotional foundation of ourselves as human beings.

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Spotify 2021 Wrapped

Acoustic Reflections For Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation

Exceptionally beautiful instrumental guitar music that is chill and relaxing.  This music has a lovely ambiance and emotion, an elegant and entertaining atmosphere that is both subtle and sublime.

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Victor & Band

Victor Towle Simple Truth

The Simple Truth 

Victor’s third release “THE SIMPLE TRUTH” title track won 2nd place in the Silverton Jamboree Songwriting Competition.This album splits the difference between his previous releases with solo acoustic tracks as well as the bigger band sounds from his now usual accompanists.

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Victor Towle Gathering Stones

Gathering Stones 

Victor’s 2nd album “GATHERING STONES” consists of eleven songs.It has some fantastic Colorado musician on it.Notable performances include Keyboardist Chris Fischer, Horn player Brian Mahanke, and vocalists Kenny Parks and Cathy Griffin. Victor plays 6 string and 12 string acoustic guitars, electric guitar, and harmonica and goes back to his roots for a more rock and bluesy pop sound with this large band sound.

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One Day Soon

One Day Soon

His premier release “ONE DAY SOON” features fourteen songs.It is an acoustic album with some Percussion by Ed Contreras, and Upright Bass from Drew Morell. A very youthful collection of rough and tumble type, acoustic rock songs.

Victor is one of the main energies behind the band “The Mind” along with David Ripley.This tasty debut offering from The Mind, “DOWN THE LINE” is a mixture of psychedelic rock, marinated in Southern bourbon, barbecued on Colorado folk, and basted with Chicago blues-funk sauce.The Mind combines elements of classic, psychedelic rock with 70’s style funk and acoustic folk to form its unique signature sound. Vintage instruments, such as Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Steinway Grand Piano, and distorted, tube amplified Stratocaster electric guitar combine with funky synthesizers, modern vocal recording techniques, and special effects to provide a unique twist to familiar sounds. Ripley’s Southern roots and Towle’s Chicago roots, are evident throughout The Mind’s songs which are then mellowed by mutual Colorado experience. In “Down the Line,” The Mind is comfortable exploring a number of musical genres which at times makes them hard to classify, yet strong rock roots provide a solid thread throughout their work.Their Album “Down the Line” was released after recording some in both Colorado and Chicago and having the album mastered at Abbey Road Studios!

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