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Melodic and peaceful, this rich and yet simple collection from Victor Towle, Colorado Zen could come very easily under the somewhat old fashioned and yet always acceptable, ‘chicken soup for the soul’ category. Colorado Zen it would seem has been released at a time when balm for the very soul of the world is in dire need.”

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“By unlocking music’s unique capability to nurture, enlighten, and transform, Victor Towle’s newest release “Colorado Zen Guitar Music for Yoga Relaxation and Meditation” provides a potent, soul-stirring experience like none other.  The music is subtle yet bold; calming yet evocative; serene yet sublime.  This is the perfect complement to take my yoga, relaxation, and meditation practices to a deeper, more zen-like dimension.”

Jason Sinocruz

“It was such a treat to have Victor play guitar during a recent yoga session celebrating the autumn equinox. His expert playing transitioned so seamlessly to match the spirit and pace of the class that you almost forgot he was there, playing for 75 minutes nonstop.  Only afterwards do you realize how impressive it was for him to be able to blend into the background, yet be such a presence with his music.  It was definitely a memorable practice!” 


“Victor is an intuitive and thoughtful acoustic guitar player. The pieces he created and performed during my yoga classes were beautifully integrated into the poses and pace of the practice. His music, focus, and passion all came together so eloquently. He is very talented and heartfelt.” 

Callae Gedrose Teacher @ Kindness Yoga Studio